Class of 2014 student bloggers – let the games begin

Investigative students

This blog has been set up by university students interested in journalism for the common good.

During the semester we’ll be investigating the issues that matter to you and blogging about it on this site to keep you up to date.

We believe in evidence based journalism and the power of creative non fiction to tell great stories.

We really hope you enjoy this blog and learn something you didn’t know before.

Watch out for our future posts as we use evidence based journalism to write about news worthy issues.

Over the last few years students have  investigated a high profile diet program, dangerous cycle routes, talent agency scams, the effect of Fifty Shades of Grey on urban romance, media reporting of crime, the truth about international students and the struggle to pay for  Australian degrees and other newsworthy issues.

This blog has registered nearly 50,000 visits over the last year or two, the most popular post so far has been  “Ashy Bines: fit or fraud?”

What should the 2014 student bloggers write about?

We welcome your comments, feedback and leads. You can follow us and contact us on twitter


class of 2014 investigative journalists


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